Each week, at Little Munchkin’s Music, we use an extensive range of exciting resources and instruments to educate and stimulate your baby or toddler.

Instruments include claves (sticks), drums of all kinds, egg shakers, hand bells, tambourines, castanets, guiros, finger cymbals, glockenspiels, wood blocks, two- and three-tone wood blocks.

We also have a large range of instruments available to purchase from $1-$25. These include Lollipop Drums, Floor Drums, Rainsticks, Egg Shakers, Hand Bells, Jingle Bell Sticks, Ankle/Wrist Bells, Tambourines, Maracas, Castanets and Touchable Bubbles! You can view the instruments here.

Resources include bubbles, lycra, scarves (which are see-through), ribbons, lycra, teddy bears, various puppets and stuffed animals, various seasonal (Easter and Christmas) articles, shells, soft balls, pimple balls, gym balls, hoops and many others.

Our classes are unique in that we sing a story in class each week. Our favourites are Where Is The Green Sheep?, Cows in the Kitchen, 10 Little Fingers 10 Little Toes, Heads and Shoulders, Ten Chirpy Chicks, Up Up Up!, Guess Who?, There’s a Hole in the Bucket, and many more!

The children also get to enjoy a very special lullaby and cuddle time with their parent/carer.


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