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For parents/carers who have attended classes at Little Munchkin’s Music (0-5 year olds), I’d love to receive your thoughts about your experience and how your little one(s) responded. What things did you enjoy the most? Did your little one have fun? Were there any problems? Would you recommend my services to friends and acquaintances?

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What our happy parents say

Here is a selection of recent testimonials received from my happy parents/carers.

My daughter and son absolutely love music class with Annette (it’s their favourite part of the week…. mine too.. shhh! I had tested a few other classes prior to going along to Annette’s class and I found Annette much more engaging in her interactions with the children, which is why we continued. She really puts her all into each session. Her lovely personality is a delight to be around and the kids absolutely adore her. She is tolerant and inclusive in her approach, and with her incredible musical skills and knowledge I know that the kids are getting some great early musical experiences that are age-appropriate and playful. We hate to miss a week, it’s such great fun. I would encourage people to shop around before committing to another provider, because I think you will be pleasantly surprised with Annette’s classes, especially the lovely relaxing home-based environment. I’m looking forward to getting my daughter involved in individual piano lessons soon too.


When my son started toddler music classes with Annette, I hoped it would gently introduce him to some of the experiences he would encounter in kindy and school: the idea of being in a ‘classroom’ and working under the direction of a teacher with a group of children. The music education would be a bonus. But his time in Annette’s classes has exceeded my initial hopes so much! Certainly, the gentle introduction I hoped for has been achieved, but his growing musicality (if that is a word!) has been lovely to watch. When his older sisters were performing in a choir concert, he stood up in the audience and began ‘conducting’ the choir and I was delighted (and surprised!) to see that he was on the beat! Now he talks about wanting to learn an instrument, and it seems very doable. His love for music has been ignited!


I chose sending my little girl to Annette’s group music class because she already at a very young age displays a great love of music! Charlotte loves the small groups, she feels comfortable and most importantly is included and participates in all games and songs and has a turn at many instruments. Annette has a beautiful rapport with the children and parents in our class,. I would not hesitate in recommending Annette’s music classes for children or all ages.


My son loves his weekly music classes with Annette, it’s a joy to watch him having so much fun as well as learning and developing new skills through the music, instruments and group activities. Annette has a beautiful singing voice as well as a friendly and energetic personality. I would highly recommend these classes, we look forward to them every week.


We chose music because it’s an activity the boys can both participate in and enjoy. My boys love music, and the classes are a good mix of learning, interaction with others and active play.


My son and I have been attending music lessons with Annette for nearly two years now and will continue to do so until he goes to school next year. He’s loved every minute. Not only is it teaching him about music, but also it provides interaction with other children in a safe and fun environment. It gives him and me a chance to just be together and have fun while enjoying the music, play activities and story time. Annette is a very knowledgeable and patient teacher with the children and the studio is a very inviting and warm environment. The children love taking turns playing with the different instruments and musical games. I can highly recommend.


We chose to attend Annette’s music class because our daughter clearly enjoyed music, but always seemed to be overwhelmed at the bigger music classes on offer. After just a few music classes, our daughter began to join in the singing and dancing. Her confidence has continued to grow as has her love of music and dancing.