2018 Music Class Timetable

Below is the current music class timetable.

 Monday Tuesday Wednesday  Saturday
7:00am Private (available)

7:30am Private (available)

3:30pm Private (available)

4:30pm Private (available)

5:00pm Private (available)

5:30pm Private (available)

4:15pm Piano (not available – FULL)

4:45pm Singing (available)

5:15pm Piano (available)

6:15pm Private (available)


7:00am Private (available)

7:30am Private (available)

3:30pm Strings (available)

4:30pm Piano (not available –

5:00pm Guitar (available)

5:30pm Piano (available)

6:30pm Private (available)

7:30am Private (available)

other times may be available



This Timetable is subject to change at any time. Classes will not continue to operate if numbers fall below viable levels.

Ages are approximate and should used as a guide only.

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